In the darkest of times an ancient race of exiled warriors (evosapiens) return to their home world (Evoria) after a long and fatal absence. They quickly discover that things back home have drastically changed for the worst. Once a divine world of unlimited potential, and evolutionary advances is now lost, and forgotten. Primordial enemies are forced to band together and set out to find the lost keys, history and ancient relics of their ancestors. Aided by a small A.I colony they all must face a world full of parasitical threats,  darc titans and unseen dangers.

Title: Z.O.A: Ruination
Genre: RPG/Action/Adventure/Sci-fi/ Thriller
Ages: 8 and Up
Players: Single Player Campaign
Platforms: Windows OS, Android OS
Engine: Atelier RGSS / RPGM MV 
Creator: Jmiel D. Wright

​Game Features

  • Travel a multi-dimensional world

  • Discover lost secrets, and hidden chambers

  • Epic storyline and evolving characters

  • Collect tons of loot, ancient relics, and lost treasures

  • Bend and master powerful elements

  • Defend the zones against hordes of enemies

  • Deploy on a critical mission to save the planet


Game Goals

  • 2-4 Online Multiplayer

  • Improve quality control

  • Expand engine for the next sequel 

  • Build a strong community

  • Fully Launch Games/Series   

Functionality Includes

  • Role-playing game/Action battle system   

  • (No turn-based combat)

  • Expandable  headquarters, weapons, and gear

  • Discover, Craft, Build, Conquer 

  • Downloadable content and updates 





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